July 21, 2016

Team The Netherlands confirms the title of European Champion 2016

“At 1st place and winner of the European Championship 2016: The Netherlands!!!”

Those the words with which the closing and prize ceremony of the EC2016 ended and with which the big orange party started.

Once again team Theimage1 Netherlands leaded by Dennis van de Boomen shows their superiority, against a surprising Italy who for the first time in history got to the final match.

A big thanks to all the participating teams, to all supporters, volunteers, and to everyone who while walking around De Rijp stopped and enjoyed for even just 1 minute our worderful sport.

If you want to relive the overwhelming emotions and feelings of the EC2016 check the Youtube IPCH channel.

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July 13, 2016

Opening Match The Netherlands vs Swizterland 9 vs 1

Around 200 people attended live the Opening Ceremony of the European Championship of Powerchair Hockey 2016, other 200 the spectators following the streaming of the show leaded by Otto Wijnen and Roland Vink.
After a break to prepare the field the fist match started.
On the stage the home team and European Champion The Netherlands and Switzerland, who arrives to the Netherlands with a very competitive team and as a new member of the Technical Staff around the team Mr. Paul Emmering, the golden goal scorer of the final 2010 against the Dutch.

The match saw the Dutch team quickly taking control and leading of the game thanks to the goals of Dennis van de Boomen (6) always very well supported by the team and mostly by the captain n.10 Kamal Tahtahi. Swiss team had a very good performance and showed how much the team and its playing game has improved. The match ended with a final score of 9 vs 1 for the Netherlands scorers of the matchç Dennis van de Boomen (6), Rodi Feller (3) for the Netherlands and Stefan Muller (1) for Switzerland.

Do not miss the first full day of matches tomorrow starting from 10.15!

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July 13, 2016

EC2016 Opening Ceremony Day!

Teams arrived, controls have been going smoothly, last details have been prepared and today is the big day!!

At 18.30 the Streaming of the competition will start (at this link: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpzT7045GYmwcUBbQd-w4eg/live)

The Op13592375_1742654552650444_1061365693506950725_nening Ceremony will be leaded by Mr. Otto Wijnen together with the Tennis Paralympic medal winner Mr. Ronald Vink.

All Nations together with Officials will parade inside De Oosterven Sport Hall, which thanks to the huge work of the IPCH volunteers has been transformed into a sport stadium ready to welcome the spectators and to host the emotions of the competitionronald.

Some games and performances will complete the program of the Ceremony after which (at 20.30)  the Opening match between The Netherlands, playing for the first time such a competition in front of the home audience, and Switzerland will start.

Don’t miss it! See you at De Oosteveren Sport Hall or online at 18.30!!!


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July 4, 2016

New Match Form released

During the months before the competition IPCH subcommittees have been working hard on several aspects.

One of those was the renewal of the Match Form. During the WC2014 some ideas came up among the Officials for example the need to include and officially track also the speed controls performed during or after the matches, or to collect also the signature of the people in charge of checking and supervising the Class Point Calculator, and

Some other suggestions came from the Sport Assembly: Spain presented a motion including a draft propoIPCHMatchForm2016sal of a new version of Match Form.

Jury Member and Referee Committees starting from those inputs and ideas worked out a new Match form that will used during the EC2016!

Download the new Match form.

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