November 8, 2016

Books “Principles of Electric Wheelchair Hockey” Available!

The Handbook “Principles of Electric Wheelchair Hockey” is a practice book that guides the reader through the techniques and tactics of Powerchair Hockey. It has always be one of the main tool to stimulate the development of the sport.

The book was published for the fprinciple-of-whirst time in the Netherlands in 1999 after the first World Games EWH in 1998 which was one of the milestones for the development of our international movement.

The author Mr. Sander Hiberink  practiced PCH for 12 years and played at an elite level in the Dutch competition, and has coached and trained for several years as well. Silber was also ICEWH Chairman at the really beginning of the International movement.

“Principles of Electric Wheelchair Hockey” has been written to stimulate this development. The book offers trainers and coaches a framework in which they can educate and train both individual athletes and teams to improve their skills and performance. Apart from the numerous exercises, the book also describes the theory on which these exercises are built. This approach provides the beginning for the trainer/coach and the highly necessary support since the literature on this matter is scarce. The result is a comprehensive and relevant book, both for the beginner and for the more advanced and experienced trainer/coach.

Even though the sport has developed a lot in the uears those frames and ideas are still up to date and can still be useful especially for new coaches, and new teams.

IPCH still has a lot of copies of this book but because of the change of name and logo it was decided to give the chance to all those who will request them to have them at the only cost of shipping expenses.

To order you can email to

It would be prefereble that you contact first your National Organization for Powerchiar Hockey and ask them to collect all the requests and send just one order to IPCH. 


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