During the last months, the IPCH Sport Executive Committee has several times discussed the opportunity to move the IPCH Sports Congress that normally happens right after the big competitions. This topic was also raised a few times in the meetings with the LOC and with some National representatives.
We know that having the Sport Congress right after a huge competition had a long list of pros among which we can list the chance to discuss proposals and motions face to face before voting on them and to get the chance to invite some new or developing nations to visit the competition and the sports congress to get to know more about the sport and the movement.
But hosting the Sports congress the day after such a huge competition also had a lot of challenges related to logistics, the tiredness of the participants that mostly come from a very complicated, stressful week, and also represented a cost for both IPCH and especially the LOC.
After long discussions and considering the fact that at the moment the SEC consists of 4 people of which 2 are recruited as supporting members without voting rights, and we cannot count anymore on the precious support of an IPCH Secretary, the SEC has decided to postpone the Sport Congress to autumn/winter 2022 (October/November) and host it once again online in order to be able to properly focus on its organization and to grant the chance for as many people as possible to join from all over the world.
This means the departure day of the World Championship will be the 15th of August for everyone. Further information about the Sport Congress will come soon.