During the Sport Congress 2018 the new concept of the World Ranking System and the consequent list was shared among the Nations.

The new World Ranking System is based on the results of the individual games, putting more weight on newer results. Each team will get points for every game they play based on the result, the opponent and the type of tournament the games are played in.

2008 was chosen as base year since from that moment the Official Competition have been all regularly played every 2 years (European Championships or World Championships and European Qualification Tournament 2011).

The basis of the system are therefore the result of the EC 2008 and the World Ranking List existing in the beginning of that year which includes all the previous results as well.

All games played since that in official events are used in calculating the current World Ranking List, updating the list after each tournament.

The formula for calculating the points per match is: Basepoints*WRL placement modifier*Type of match

Basepoints are the following: 3 for a victory (2 after extra-time), 0 for loss (1 after extra-time) and 1 for draw. These basepoints, as said in the formula, will the be multiplied by two modifiers, the “type of match modifier” and the “WRL placement modifier”.

The type of match modifier is an indicator of the importance of the tournament and stage the match is being played. The modifier is highest for World Championships final (5.5) and lowest for a friendly tournament game (1).

The WRL placement modifier is based on the placing difference between the two teams on the latest World Ranking List before the tournament. This means that if team A is far above team B in the WRL, team B has a higher multiplier and viceversa it will be smaller for team A. The closer two teams are on the World Ranking List used as base the closer the multiplier will be to each other. The modifier is always at least 0.1, it cannot be less than that.

New teams (that are not in the previous World Ranking List), will be added on the bottom of the WRL, if two new teams are playing against each other the multiplier will be 1.

Teams will also get points for participating in tournaments and placing in the top three on Regional Championships (ex. Europeans Championship) or World Championships.

The World Ranking List is updated after each tournament, adding the total match points a team has gained during the tournament, the participation points and possible bonus to the points the team had before the tournament started.

On the 1st of January each year the points are multiplied with 0.8, this guarantees that more recent results have more weight than older ones.

See all the multiplier and some examples here.

After the Sport Congress during a total review of the calculation some mistaken formulas and therefoe results were find.

Those are now fixed and the final result is:

1 Denmark 107,3

2 Netherlands 99,5

3 Switzerland 97,3

4 Germany 96,0

5 Italy 92,1

6 Belgium 65,3

7 Finland 53,8

8 Canada 23,6

9 Australia 12,6

10 Slovenia 5,6

11 Spain 3,0

12 Czech Republic 1,8