You can support us in different ways. Whether it is as a committee member, classifier, referee or sponsor, we appreciate all kinds of support. Below you can find informations on the different ways to support IPCH.

We are always looking for sponsors, so if you want to be a sponsor in any way. Please reach out to


Join a committee
We are looking for members in our different committees under the Sport Executive Committee.

You can find the different committees and their contact info here.

Be a classifier
If you find interest in the classification of players and want to be a classifier, we encourage you to contact the classifications committee to learn more about the process to become a classifier. You can get in touch with them at

Be a referee
If you would like to be a referee on a international level, you will need to get the appropriate course to obtain a licens to be referee. If this has your interest please get in touch with us

Support us on social media
You can also support us by liking, sharing, taking part in the discussion on our social media and by sharing your photos and videos under our hashtag #powerchairhockey.

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