Unfortunately the USA have informed the IWAS SEC that they are not able to participate the World Championship 2018. A combination of lack of time and funds in the short time left is the main reason behind their withdrawal. Canada is the runner-up in the Olympic region of the Americas. Therefore IWAS SEC has invited Canada as the runner-up for the region of Americas. The SEC is delighted with the immediate confirmation of their participation.

Participation of nations from as many regions as possible is really important for the development of the international PCH movement. For example, at least 3 regions must be active according to 1 of the criteria from the IPC. This is why the SEC has decided to invite the runner-up from that region instead of other solutions like the next nation on the World Ranking List or the option to continue the World Championship 2018 with only 7 nations.

There will not be a New drawing ceremony for The groups of the world championship 2018. Canada will use the same slot that was assigned to USA as American continent representative Nation. Therefore Canada will replace the USA in group A. Now this group will be the Netherlands, Italy, Canada and Switzerland. Group B will be unchanged of course.

The SEC would like to thank Canada for their efforts and quick confirmation of their participation. We are looking forward to welcome team Canada in Italy!