Global Development Network a new SEC initiative

For quite some time, the IPCH Development Committee has been hard at work on a brand new initiative. We are now ready and excited to introduce to you the Global Development Network.

The overall objective of the Global Development Network is to create a formalized network inclusive of all the Powerchair Hockey nations around the world. The group’s founding principle is centered on collaboration with a focus on improving. It will serve as an opportunity for nations to share ideas, best practices, and experiences with one another. We feel confident that this initiative will be highly beneficial to each nation, ensuring the continued growth and development of our beloved sport around the world.


Appointed representatives from each nation is required

In order to be able to start this initiative effectively, we need every nation to appoint two representatives who will take part in the Global Development Network going forward.

Therefore, recently we have sent out an e-mail to official representatives from every nation encouraging to appoint these two representatives and send us the specific names and e-mail addresses.

We must have this information before the 17th of November.

Learn more about the initiative

You can learn more about the Global Development Network by reading the framework here

In addition, It is also possible to register for an online information session either November 18th at 8 pm CET or November 23rd at 2 pm CET. Simply click here.

If there is any questions related to the Global Development Network please do not hesitate to contact us at


We really hope that every nation will join one of the information sessions and support this new initiative.

On behalf of the Global Development Network Committee (GDNC)

Danni Hillbrandt-Mogensen
IPCH Development Officer