Groups for European Championship 2024 are set

Today, the groups for the European Championship 2024 in Denmark have been drawn! The place to be was Musholm in Slagelse, where the competition will take place in October.

Claus Vestergaard hosted this event that was livestreamed on facebook. He introduced all guests at the drawing table. For IPCH, chairman Fabio Rodo and technical delegate Anna Rossi were present. Knud Vincents, the mayor of Slagelse, had the honor of picking the lottery balls from the bowl during the drawing. He was assisted by John Petersson, chairman of Parasport Denmark. Also present at the drawing table was sports director of Parasport Denmark Michael Møllgaard Nielsen.

Fabio Rodo talked very highly of Musholm. This centre functions as a conference, holiday and sports venue and is fully accessible for people with disabilities. The perfect place to accommodate powerchair hockey athletes. “You will be amazed by the environment, both in terms of accessibility and hospitality.” He thanked everyone involved in the organization of the upcoming championship. He closed by sharing his excitement for the amazing matches ahead.

The Netherlands is the head of Group A as winner of the last European Championship that took place in 2016. Italy was runner up that year and is the head of Group B. All other nations were placed in the groups by lottery. This delivers the following result, pictured below.

the groups of the European Championship, with in Group A The Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain and Germany. In Group B we find Italy, Denmark, Finland and Belgium.

World Champion Denmark is determined

Of course the players of Denmark, the current World Champion, excitedly attended this event. Kristoffer Hansen, team captain, joined host Claus to talk about the results of the draw. He is satisfied with the group and looks forward to playing the teams. “If you want to be the champion, you have to beat them all”, he added. Denmark will face Italy in their group, which is a rematch of the final of the WC 2018, where Denmark lost in shoot-outs. “We will win in regular time now”, he closed with a determined smile.

Parasport Denmark

John Petersson, chairman of Parasport Denmark, is very excited about the upcoming Championship.  “This European Championship will be a landmark in powerchair hockey. Denmark has played a significant role in the development of powerchair hockey. It’s truly special to see this group of former and current players, coaches and volunteers put their minds and effort into staging this special event at home for the first time.”

Parasport Denmark is incredibly proud and excited to host the EC on Danish soil for the first time. The success of Danish team has been instrumental to bring the EC to Denmark.

Supported by many

Many other representatives of the Slagelse Municipality witnessed this important event, as did the national Danish Wheelchair Rugby team. They are currently holding a training camp in Musholm to fully prepare for the Paralympics of Paris. Chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association Simon Toftegaard Jespersen was also present.

This drawing is an important step towards the Championship that will take place in exactly 214 days. Now teams know their opponents, they can fully prepare for what is up ahead.