Groups for the ipch world championship 2022!

On 5th March in Nottwil, Switzerland, the drawing ceremony for the IPCH World Championship 2022 took place.

The ceremony was conducted by the Local Organizing Committee and overlooked by two IPCH representatives: Fabio Rodo, IPCH Chairperson, and Anna Rossi, Technical, Classification and Competition Officier and appointed  Technical Delegate of the World Championship.

Due to the cancellation of the European Championship, which is, according to the IPCH rules, the regional tournament for Europe to qualify for the IPCH World Championship, the IPCH Sport Executive Committee in agreement with the LOC, decided to raise to 10 the number of the participating nations for the upcoming World Championships in 2022.

The ten allocated nations: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and The Netherlands were divided into two groups by lottery.

Italy as the winner of the previous World Championship 2018 was the top seed of group A and Denmark as runner-up of the 2018 competition was the top seed of Group B.

All other nations were assigned to the groups by lottery, The lottery was performed by Stefan Müller, former player of the Swiss National Team, and Anna Rossi of IPCH.

At the end of the drawings process, Daniel Pulver Head Coach of Team Switzerland commented “It will be a challenge for all teams since for the last two years many leagues have been stopped and there have been fewer opportunities to train and compete. So we are happy to be able to play again and meet again on the field. I wish all the teams the best preparation and good luck.”