IPCH bids to organise Qualification Tournament 2023

Prior to the European Championship 2024 (EC 2024), there should be a qualification tournament (QT) to determine which of the European nations that are not automatically qualified for the EC 2024, will get the 8th slot.
At this stage, no nation has put a bid to host this qualification tournament, which ideally should take place between September and November 2023.

For the development of our sport, we believe that this QT should be organized in order to make sure that all nations have a fair and equal chance to qualify for EC 2024. That is why IPCH suggests to provide a venue and organise the tournament. Depending on the number of nations participating, this QT could take place in a period of 3-4 days, preferably during a weekend (Thursday to Sunday).

Before this decision is final, IPCH asks the powerchair hockey representatives of Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovakia and Slovenia if they are willing to participate in the QT.
If less than 2 nations are interested, the QT will not take place and the 8th EC 2024 slot will go to the nation that is placed highest on the World Ranking List, which currently is Belgium.