IPCH Sport Congress – 5th June 2021

PCH Sport Congresses are held every two years and provides an arena for IPCH Member Nations to discuss and decide about policies, management rules and regulations for Powerchair Hockey.
The 14th Sport Congress was supposed to be organized under the auspices of the IWAS and IPCH by the local organizing committee (LOC) of the European Championship 2020 and by the Finnish Paralympic Committee. Following the decision, due to Covid-19 pandemic, to cancel the competition, the SEC in agreement with IWAS decided to organize the Sport Congress Online.
In order to participate in the meeting, all participants will have to register through the Eventbrite platform. https://www.eventbrite.it/e/ipch-sport-congress-2021-registration-136074341017
Registrations are open from 20th January until Sunday 9th May 2021
Because the meeting will be held online there will be no participation fee.
IPCH has already sent and notified the IWAS Member and PCH organization contacts about the procedure for registration and the deadlines from now towards the Sport Congress. All information and documents are available on http://www.powerchairhockey.org/sport-congress-2021/ 
From each Nation, a maximum of 2 Delegates are invited to attend the Sport Congress.
Every nation has 1 vote – ONLY 1 Delegate can have voting rights.
The Sport Congress is open to all people interested in hearing and getting to know more about the sport and the international movement.  As IPCH we do invite people to join and attend this meeting as much as possible as it is very important to create a shared culture and information and to stimulate participation internationally.
Observers are welcome to attend the meetings. All observers will have NO voting rights and will not be allowed to speak during the Sport Congress but there will be a chat available where Observers can express their views and opinions and therefore participate in the discussion. IPCH Staff will monitor the chat throughout the meeting and relevant comments will be highlighted or taken into consideration.
Powerchair Hockey Nations that are not represented officially by an IWAS Member and therefore do not have the possibility to have an Official Delegate (with or without voting rights) can register as Observers.