Masterlist updated

As announced last June IPCH thanks to the work of the Classification Committee the refinement of the Trunk Assessment is now officially in place.
IPCH also organized a Webinar to properly explain the refinement and to reply to the questions that arose from classifiers, Classification National Coordinators, National Team staff members, etc…
The study and the consequent refinement involved 25 PCH players with the Trunk profile 0.5.  The analysis showed that although the Trunk fúnction of those 0.5 Trunk profile players was not complete/full, they showed a horizontal ‘Volume of Action’ with the hockey-stick that did include all sides (front-side, stick-side, opposite-side and rear-side) of the floor playing ground.
Their trunk ability was clearly and significantly different from those athletes with the Trunk profile 0, but often not different enough from those with the 1.0 Trunk profile score.
These research outcome (together with discussions on this subject with national team player-coaches, classifiers present at the IPCH Eurostars Tournament and within the classification committee) did lead to a refinement of the PCH Trunk assessment: fewer Trunk tests (no longer back/rearward extension of the Trunk and no longer lateral flexion to the joystick-side), and refined Trunk profile score-boundaries: 30 degrees for the forward flexion and 30 degrees for rotation instead of 45 degrees.
As the classification system in itself has not changed but only the Trunk assessments have been refined, the IPCH classification committee could review all the classification form and information of all players on the master list and found that 11 players would need to be rechecked due to the Trunk refinement.
Those 11 athletes have been moved to status R-OA this means they will undergo an Observational assessment on the field. Of course, in case of doubts after Observation, the athlete will be asked to have a new

Physical Assessment on the Trunk.

Check out the updated master list updated with the truck refinement.
You can find the June 2020 Masterlist here.