At the Sport Congress this passed monday, the new IWAS Sport Executive Committee put together after the nominees was voted in.

Current chairman Fabio Rodo (Italy) and Miro Reijonen (Finland) was candidates for the position as the chairman. Fabio Rodo was re-elected as chairman of the Sport Executive Committee.

Anna Rossi (Italy) was running unopposed as Technical Officer and won re-election.

For the position as Development Officer, Miro Reijonen (Finland) was running against Nikolaj Richelsen (Denmark). Nikolaj won the election and is now a new member of the Sport Executive Committee.
Former Development Officer, Niels ten Hagen (the Netherlands) didn’t receive support from the dutch federation and could therefore not seek re-election. We thank Niels ten Hagen for the hard work and time he have put into the Powerchair Hockey movement. We look forward to work with you again.

For the position as Communications officer, Rasmus Dissing Nielsen (Denmark) was running unopposed and received election.
Rasmus has been acting as Marketing and Communications officer for the Sport Executive Committee for almost two years without voting rights, since he wasn’t elected at the 2014 Sports Congress (formerly known as Sports Assembly).

There is still the following vacant positions in the Sport Executive Committee – without voting rights:
Competitions Officer
Marketing & Fundraising Officer

If you could have interest in taking any of the positions or have any questions. Please send us an e-mail with your question or application.