Dear hockey friends

With pleasure the IPCH hereby announces that from 21st to 26th June 2017, during the ParaGames in Breda (The Netherlands) an official PCH Classification Course will be organized.

The main aim of the course is to educate IPCH classifiers on the new IPCH classification system which has been discussed and agreed during the Sport Assembly 2016. IPCH considers extremely important to be able to offer a wide group of fully updated IPCH Classifiers in good advance to let National Teams relay on the possibility of requesting advises and information regarding Classification before WC2018.

This will also allow IPCH to be able to plan and accept requests for planning Official Classification Sessions before the WC2018 decreasing pressure and uncertainty for athletes and National Teams in the competition. Only classifiers with this new knowledge can be invited for future IPCH competitions.

This is actually the second aim that brought IPCH to the decision of organizing this course, the chance to classify already, at least, three National teams. To avoid extremely long classification sessions before the next competition.