For the upcoming Euro Stars Tournament, there are still spots open for the Referee Observer and Jury courses.

We highly encourage the nations to consider this possibility to sign up.

Becoming Referee Observer is a way to become a foundamental and really practical part of the development of the movement, as you will be active and help the referees to improve in their performance. Good knowledge of game and competition rules and/or previous experience as referee or observers in other sport are a plus but also the expereince of a player is often very relevant.

Becoming Jury means you’re making sure the matches and the competition can run properly, it means knowing the rules but mostly support the nations in their checks and controls and support the whole competition with speed control, match table, match secretariat, class point calculator.

The courses are from 19-24 February. Participation fee is 350 Euro. This includes IWAS fees, full board hotel, accommodation in a shared rooms (double or triple), coffee breaks and everything else. However participants’ travel expenses are not included, nor reimbursed.

The registation deadline for these two courses is the 20th December 2019.