IPCH is happy to announce that the hosting nation for the IPCH World Championship 2022 has finally been selected.

Switzerland will host the competition in Nottwil!

Team delegations will be accommodated at the Hotel Sempachersee and the venues of the Schweizer Paraplegiker-Zentrum will be used for training, controls and meetings.

The games will be played in the nearby town of Sursee at the Sursee Stadthalle.

The venue can host up to 3200 people and provides all the infrastructures needed to perfectly host the event both in terms of space, capabilities and collateral happenings.

After the cancellation of the European Championships 2020, due to happen in June 2021, IPCH, Wheelchair Sport Switzerland and Swiss Powerchair Hockey Organization have been actively investigating the possibility to make the World Championship 2022 a special edition of the competition with more than the usual 8 participating teams.

This was possible also on the ground of the meetings IPCH had with all the Nations supposed to participate in the EC2020 in Pajulahti as all the Nations agreed and committed to supporting the organization of a possibly bigger competition with all the potential logistical challenges.

Further information about the concept, the length and general organization of the Competition will follow soon.

“Powerchair Hockey is a fast and fascinating team sport that has been developing to a top-level sport in Switzerland and in many parts of the world for the last two decades. – comments Martin Wenger (Sport Manager Powerchair Hockey at Wheelchair Sport Switzerland) – We are highly delighted IWAS appointed the Powerchair Hockey World Championship 2022 to Switzerland. The LOC’s goal is not only to build the perfect platform to host fair and thrilling games in the best setting, but also to create an arena stimulating good vibes among the nations and the spectators. We are looking forward to welcoming the teams, the officials and the fans in the heart of Switzerland.”

“Our Sport Family, as all the society, faced a really sad year in 2020. The cancellation of an event like the European Championship is the extreme measure that we had to take due to the current situation. I would like to thank, once again, the Finnish LOC that shared and understood our concern and decision.- comments IPCH Chairman Fabio Rodo – Nevertheless we have to look forward and as you can see we never stopped working on future Competitions.The appointment of Switzerland as hosting Nation for the World Championship 2022 is an amazing signal of our wish and will of starting again. I can imagine all of you are missing being on the fields as I do. I can’t wait to see all of you in what will be a great, great event.”