An Italian powerchair hockey player driving past a Finnish powerchair hockey player

IPCH Classifier and Referee Observer course at 3 nations tournament

From 18 to 21 April, The IN JET Tournament will be held at Villaggio Marzotto, Jesolo -Italy. The tournament will be organized by IPCH under the auspices of World Abilitysport and in collaboration with FIPPS (Federazione Italiana Paralimpica Powerchair Sports). During the event, IPCH will offer educational opportunities ... More

a player performing a slalom during classification

Classification masterlist updated (12/23)

The Classification Masterlist is updated and can be found here. Lobbach October 2023 Including Switzerland and Germany, all the athletes classified in Lobbach will keep the OA status as the setting of the classification could not provide the chance for them to be observed in an official match. IPCH will nog longer be ... More

Classification masterlist updated (09/22)

At the past IPCH World Championship in Sursee, the Classifiers have succesfully classified 49 athletes. As a result, the classification masterlist has been updated and can be found here. More

Classification masterlist updated

At the past IPCH Dutch Bever Nations Cup, the Classifiers have performed a huge task by successfully classifying 30 players. As a result, the classification masterlist has been updated and can be found here. This tournament was official, so all results count for the World Ranking List. As a result, there are some ... More

Masterlist updated

As announced last June IPCH thanks to the work of the Classification Committee the refinement of the Trunk Assessment is now officially in place. IPCH also organized a Webinar to properly explain the refinement and to reply to the questions that arose from classifiers, Classification National Coordinators, National Team ... More


In 2016 a first research on the Trunk Assessment was conducted by students of the University of Applied Science in The Hague (The Netherlands), the project led to reconsider which athlete had a zero (0) trunk and which athlete had a 0.5 trunk. After the World Championship 2018 Classification Committee, also on the basis ... More


As announced earlier, the classification system has been refined. (Read more here) Now we're pleased to announce that the classification manual has been updated. You can find the updated manual and other classification related documents in the download section under "Classification".   More