Official PCH Classification Course during the ParaGames in Breda

Dear hockey friends

With pleasure the IPCH hereby announces that from 21st to 26th June 2017, during the ParaGames in Breda (The Netherlands) an official PCH Classification Course will be organized.

The main aim of the course is to educate IPCH classifiers on the new IPCH classification system which has been discussed and agreed during the Sport Assembly 2016. IPCH considers extremely important to be able to offer a wide group of fully updated IPCH Classifiers in good advance to let National Teams relay on the possibility of requesting advises and information regarding Classification before WC2018. This will also allow IPCH to be able to plan and accept requests for planning Official Classification Sessions before the WC2018 decreasing pressure and uncertainty for athletes and National Teams in the competition. Only classifiers with this new knowledge can be invited for future IPCH competitions.

This is actually the second aim that brought IPCH to the decision of organizing this course, the chance to classify already, at least, three National teams. To avoid extremely long classification sessions before the next competition.

You can find the official invitation and registration form below.

Download “Invitation Letter ParaGames ClassCourse” InvitationLetterParaGamesClassCourse.doc.pdf – Downloaded 54 times – 366 KB

Download “Class-Course RegistrationForm 2017” Class-Course_RegistrationForm_2017.pdf – Downloaded 47 times – 248 KB


Rasmus Dissing Nielsen appointed as IPCH Marketing and Communication Officier

Dear IPCH Friends,
the Sport Executive Commitee has a brand new member!!

We are very very happy to introduce you all to the new IPCH Marketing and Communication Officer Mr. Rasmus Dissing Nielsen.
He is 28 and live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Many of you should know him: he has been playing Powerchair Hockey since 2004 and he is also one of the players of the Danish National Team, so he took part to several European and World Championships.
What you probably do not know is that on a daily basis he is a partner at We Are Wonder, a digital communication company with specialities in social media and video for medium and large brands and companies.
In the summer he is usually quite busy touring Denmark with the largest touring music festival in the country, called Grøn Koncert (Green Concert) as part of the brand and communication team and in charge of Facebook-live, Snapchat and communication through our big screens in front of the stages.

You can imagine how big smiles we all had when we got his message saying that he was more than willing to help and keep up not only the Marketing and Communication Activities but also the vacant role of Marketing and Communication Officer!!!
As already happened with Annemieke van de Vries some months ago, Rasmus will from now on join and support SEC meetings and tasks but, as stated in the rules and regulations he won’t have voting right in the Sport Executive committee since he was not formally elected during the SA.
Welcome on board Rasmus!!!

Two Nations bidding for hosting WC2018

IPCH is very proud to announce that we have received two excellent bids to host the World Championships 2018.

Italy as well as the Czech Republic is applying to host this major event.

The bidding package on paper looks real promising from both nations.

IPCH will visit the sports venues and team accommodations within the next 2 months.

Site inspections will also offer the chance to meet the Local Organisation Committees of both Nations and to have a better look and understanding of the future ideas and projects for the realization of the World Championships 2018.

New Secretary Officer: Annemieke Van de Vries!

Dear PCH Friends,

The Sport Exceutive Committee is really happy and proud to announce that Miss. Annemieke Van de Vries accepted to join the IPCH board offering to support the SEC in the role of Secretary Officer.The IWAS Powerchair Hockey Executive Committee Appoints New Secretary Officer

We are sure many of you will remember her from her from the last EC2016 where she was one of the volounteers of the IPCH Crew. Following her outstanding contributions to the success of the IWAS Powerchair Hockey European Championships 2016 as a member of the volunteer team and identified for her enthusiasm, willingness to help and attitude of problem solving, it was with pleasure than Annemieke accepted her new role.

Annemieke, who is a keen hockey fan and coach herself, will begin the support of the Executive Committee with immediate effect as attentions turn to the IPCH World Championships due to be held in 2018.


She will from now on join and support SEC meetings and tasks but, as stated in the rules and regulations she won’t have voting right in the Sport Executive committee.

Welcome Annemieke!