I saw a newspaper article about Powerchair Hockey when I was 10 years old and just found out about my diagnosis. A year later I attended a course for families with kids with a muscular disease. There was a person who was presenting Powerchair Hockey. I tried and fell in love with the sport. I think Powerchair Hockey is ... More


I got to know Powerchair Hockey in the first week after I switched from a regular school to a specialized school. I met the person that would become my coach for many years, Hugo Verdict. Until the age of 16 I didn’t know anything about sports for people in electric wheelchairs.  What I like so much about this sport ... More


In 2004, me and some other guys played hockey in a wheelchair for fun while practicing for another type of wheelchair hockey, called el-hockey (this sport is only played with T-sticks). We learned that Powerchair Hockey was a sport and we had a team in Copenhagen and a national team. We tried it out and found out that it ... More


When I was 9 I was at a doctor’s appointment at Bloorview Kids Rehab in Toronto (one of the Toronto rehab centres) when a boy and his mother approached me and asked if I had ever tried playing PowerHockey. They invited me to one of their games the following weekend. As soon as I tried playing I fell in love with the ... More


I discovered Powerchair Hockey in 2010. I had been playing other sports previously, but I had friends that played Powerchair Hockey. They were preparing for the World Championships of 2010. That’s when I knew that I wanted to represent my country one day. It’s my biggest goal and come September 27th I will have ... More


I got to know Powerchair Hockey via the gym lessons in school. I liked it because it’s a team sport and I’m able to sport despite my handicap. My specialty was making goals. I wanted to win everything I could as a player, and I did.  My best moment was in 1998, when I won the world cup in my own country. I also had ... More


I discovered Powerchair Hockey in 2008. The first team of the French part of Switzerland was created by M. Degonda, The Whirldrivers Lausanne. M. Degonda asked me if I was interested to try this new exciting sport. I tried it and never stopped. I have played 8 years for Whirldrivers Lausanne and now I’m playing since ... More


I got to know Powerchair Hockey in February 2013 thanks to some of my friends, because they were already playing this wonderful sport. I have always wanted to play a team sport, so I immediately liked it. I have met a lot of people and now I have more friends. My favorite player is Andrea Felicani, because we have a ... More


I joined my primary school hockey team in 1994 thanks to my gymnastics teacher who suggested me to start. She thought I would do well.   I can put everything into this sport, so everything falls into place. I love it when I work hard and my passes work out the way I want it to. My main drive is that I can push myself ... More