Meet the N.1 Powerchair Hockey Scorer of all times: Anders Berenth

Hello Anders, we have some great news to share with you: you have surpassed all other athletes and are now the all-time international powerchair hockey top scorer. How does it feel to stand on top? Even though I had a feeling that I would have surpassed Björn after the last world cup it is still pretty crazy that I have ... More

Finnish Powerchair Hockey players showcasing their skills in the men’s World Floorball Championships

Finnish Powerchair Hockey national team got an opportunity to showcase the sport and their individual skills during the final day of the men’s World Floorball Championships played in the Hartwall Arena, Helsinki. The powerchair hockey exhibition match between the Finnish national team players was played on Saturday 11th ... More



I saw a newspaper article about Powerchair Hockey when I was 10 years old and just found out about my diagnosis. A year later I attended a course for families with kids with a muscular disease. There was a person who was presenting Powerchair Hockey. I tried and fell in love with the sport. I think Powerchair Hockey is ... More


I got to know Powerchair Hockey in the first week after I switched from a regular school to a specialized school. I met the person that would become my coach for many years, Hugo Verdict. Until the age of 16 I didn’t know anything about sports for people in electric wheelchairs.  What I like so much about this sport ... More


In 2004, me and some other guys played hockey in a wheelchair for fun while practicing for another type of wheelchair hockey, called el-hockey (this sport is only played with T-sticks). We learned that Powerchair Hockey was a sport and we had a team in Copenhagen and a national team. We tried it out and found out that it ... More


When I was 9 I was at a doctor’s appointment at Bloorview Kids Rehab in Toronto (one of the Toronto rehab centres) when a boy and his mother approached me and asked if I had ever tried playing PowerHockey. They invited me to one of their games the following weekend. As soon as I tried playing I fell in love with the ... More


I discovered Powerchair Hockey in 2010. I had been playing other sports previously, but I had friends that played Powerchair Hockey. They were preparing for the World Championships of 2010. That’s when I knew that I wanted to represent my country one day. It’s my biggest goal and come September 27th I will have ... More


I got to know Powerchair Hockey via the gym lessons in school. I liked it because it’s a team sport and I’m able to sport despite my handicap. My specialty was making goals. I wanted to win everything I could as a player, and I did.  My best moment was in 1998, when I won the world cup in my own country. I also had ... More


I discovered Powerchair Hockey in 2008. The first team of the French part of Switzerland was created by M. Degonda, The Whirldrivers Lausanne. M. Degonda asked me if I was interested to try this new exciting sport. I tried it and never stopped. I have played 8 years for Whirldrivers Lausanne and now I’m playing since ... More


I got to know Powerchair Hockey in February 2013 thanks to some of my friends, because they were already playing this wonderful sport. I have always wanted to play a team sport, so I immediately liked it. I have met a lot of people and now I have more friends. My favorite player is Andrea Felicani, because we have a ... More