Dear Teams,
We’re happy to announce that FIWH and the Italian National Team offered IPCH the chance to organize an official IPCH Tournament valid for WRL in Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD).
The tournament is meant to take place in February (approximately from 20th to 23rd February) – final dates will depend on the number of participating teams and on the number of athletes each team needs to classify so one or two extra days might be added when more than 3 teams will register to the tournament.
Even though the name of the tournament refers to Europe and European Championship, of course, all National teams are welcome to register to the competition, as it is an official IPCH Tournament valid for WRL and all teams worldwide can use this chance to improve their ranking and be part of the competition.
The tournament provides the chance to play with the Official IPCH Game Rules edition 2018 and the possibility to officially classify players before EC2020 for this reasons we agreed to open up the max number of players in the delegation to 12 players in order to allow coaches to test tactics and strategies as much as they want and to classify more players if they wish so.
In order to register for the tournament you have to:
– fill the registration form / send an email confirming the participation of the team to office@powerchairhockey.org with cc to teammanager@fiwh.org
Latest by 20th October.
According to the number of nations that will apply the final dates will be confirmed and more info about payments will be given. There will be an entry fee (30%) to be paid as a deposit to confirm registration in November and then a final fee (70%) to be paid a bit later.
The tournament takes place with a minimum number of 3 participating teams and a maximum number of 5. When more application will arrive IPCH and FIWH will discuss the possibility of accepting more than 5 participants according to costs and budget for both teams and organizers. Registration will be accepted by the first came first served criteria.