Join the 1st International PCH Day – 7th April 2023

We are excited and proud to announce that we have decided to launch an awareness initiative to promote and boost knowledge of our beloved sport POWERCHAIR HOCKEY. 
On April 7th, we invite you all to celebrate the first International Powerchair Hockey Day!
In March 2021, Paul Desaulniers from Canada presented this idea to the Sport Executive Committee stating that the idea of having an International Day of our own to celebrate, educate, and talk about our sport would be a great way to promote the activity for IPCH for many reasons, including:
  • A great way for PCH organizations around the world at all levels of play to come together to create awareness for the sport 
  • Engage players to share their stories for greater impact locally, nationally, and internationally 
  • Enable connections in our community and forge new international relationships 
  • A way for PCH organizations to engage with sponsors/donors and facilitate fundraising efforts, adding to the future sustainability of the sport 


The 1st ever Sport Congress was held the weekend of April 6th-7th, 2002 in Spanbroek, The Netherlands. 
During that meeting representatives from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, and The Netherlands agreed on the need to found a Committee International Federation (CIF) for Electric Wheelchair Hockey.  20 (almost 21) years later we feel it is important to celebrate the birthday of our movement with the launch of International PCH Day!
2023 will be the very first year and of course, initiatives linked to our International Day can vary and will continue to evolve each year. We welcome PCH organizations and athletes to share ideas on promotion activities for future years.
We invite all Powerchair Hockey Community members to share videos, photos, and other PCH content on social media and tag us (@powerchairhockey on Instagram and @IPCHPowerchairHockey on Facebook) and use the #ipchday. This can include videos, pictures, stories, blogs, or memories of your first time in PCH or of a special moment or memory in the sport.
In this way on April 7th, we hope to see the social media feed filled with PCH stories, photos, pictures, memories, etc. 
We also invite you as National PCH Organizations to embrace and share this initiative and use it on a national level as well, as this can become a tool to improve knowledge and awareness (and why not boost fundraising) as well for our sport. 
Our social media team will start promoting the initiative in the next few days as we are fully aware that this kind of project might take a while to really kick off and become a habit for the community. This is also why for this first edition we want to keep it as easy as possible. 
It is possible that in the future, thanks to your ideas, we have a specific topic or theme for International PCH Day, but for now, we feel it is best to start with an easy and flexible approach to launch the day.
Join us in celebrating IPCH Day on April 7th!!