15th Sport Congress takes place at 19 November 2022

The 15th Sport Congress of IWAS Powerchair Hockey (IPCH) will be held on Saturday 19th November 2022 – Online.

PCH Sport Congresses are held every two years and provide an arena for IPCH Member Nations to discuss and decide about policies, management rules and regulations for Powerchair Hockey.

This year the Sport Congress will also host the Elections of the Sport Executive Committee for the 2022 – 2026 period.

Powerchair Hockey has been developing quite a lot in the last 10 years, many great changes and improvements have been made under several points of views as for example: technical, classification, safety, level of playing, etc.
All this has been possible thanks to the availability and support of volunteers that had to deal with huge workloads as well as, quite often, big responsibilities. The last 3 years have been a huge challenge for everyone as well as for our sport. Due to the pandemic we could not play anymore and a lot of the development activities (and others) suffered from a sudden stop.
Starting again is not easy, there are a lot of tasks to take care of and a lot of projects worth working on which are kept on hold due to the lack of time/people to coordinate those and make those ideas become reality.

The IPCH as a committee needs more people willing to put some time in the international projects. Otherwise it will become impossible to achieve all the goals, and keep up with the dream of becoming a Paralympic sport.
As a Sport Executive Committee we have decided to dedicate the 15th Sport Congress to do a proper recap of what has been done in the past few years and what should/could be done in the future in order to draw – together with the Nations participating in PCH – a common path and a common goal for the future.
This, together with the fact that the 14th Sport Congress was really focused on Motions and rules updating, the Sport Executive Committee is suggesting to not discuss Motions on the 15th Sport Congress but to focus on a more important topic as the one related to the future of the sport and of the movement.

The Sport Congress is open to all people interested in hearing and getting to know more about the sport and the international movement. As IPCH we do invite people to join and attend this meeting as much as possible as it is very important to create a shared culture and information and to stimulate participation internationally.

Powerchair Hockey Nations that are not represented officially by an IWAS Member and therefore do not have the possibility to have an Official Delegate (with or without voting rights) can register as Observers.

Just like in 2021, registrations will be collected through the Eventbrite platform via this link.
Registrations will be open on Eventbrite from Friday 1 July until Friday 9 September. Because the meeting will be held online, there will be no participation fee.

From each nation, a maximum of 2 Delegates are invited to attend the Sport Congress. Every nation has 1 vote – ONLY 1 Delegate can have voting rights.
Observers: IPCH invites National Members to share this invitation with the people within the National organizations that can be interested in the topics on the agenda (including coaches, athletes, national officials, etc.) to attend the meeting.

All documents are available via this link.