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Join the IPCH Jury Member Online Course!

The International Powerchair Hockey (IPCH) organization is thrilled to announce the launch of the IPCH Jury Member Online Course, in preparation for the upcoming European Championship of Powerchair Hockey. Why Become a Jury Member? As a jury member, you'll hold a pivotal role in ensuring fair play and smooth conduct during matches. Unlike classifie... More

Switzerland claims second spot in world ranking list after successful IN-JET tournament

After a successful IN-JET Tournament in Jesolo (Italy), Switzerland now ranks second in the world ranking list. This tournament was an opportunity for the national teams of Finland, Italy and Switzerland to fully prepare for the European Championship. Teams could classify new players, give them their first chances on the international field and try out new ... More

A look back at the second IPCH Day

April 7th, we already celebrated our second IPCH day. The idea that was brought up in 2021 by the late Paul Desaulniers, has now become an annual collective celebration of our beloved sport. This year’s theme was appreciation. Because powerchair hockey is more than just a sport, it’s a community filled with amazing people. We asked our social media ... More

Groups for European Championship 2024 are set

Today, the groups for the European Championship 2024 in Denmark have been drawn! The place to be was Musholm in Slagelse, where the competition will take place in October. Claus Vestergaard hosted this event that was livestreamed on facebook. He introduced all guests at the drawing table. For IPCH, chairman Fabio Rodo and technical delegate Anna Rossi ... More

European Championship 2024 Drawing Ceremony

The Drawing Ceremony of the IPCH European Championship 2024 is just a week away! This group draw is the first official and public step towards the upcoming competition. The ceremony takes place in Musholm on February 24th at 15.00 CET and will be streamed live on the IPCH Facebook page. We are excited to welcome some special guests who will take part ... More

No Powerchair Hockey in 2024 Guttmann Games

Because not enough national teams were able to fully commit to participation, powerchair hockey will not be featured in this year’s World Abilitysport Guttmann Games. World Abilitysport and IPCH had to make this tough call. In many ways, this is a very unfortunate situation. Being part of the Guttmann Games 2024 would have been a huge milestone for ... More

4 referees from Development Group to whistle in 3 nations tournament

During the INJET 3 nations tournament scheduled in April, four referees from the development group will make their first international appearance. This is a result of their participation in the IPCH Referee Development Group (RDG). This group is set up under the IPCH Referee Commission. It's goal is to provide candidates for the international level ... More

IPCH Classifier and Referee Observer course at 3 nations tournament

From 18 to 21 April, The IN JET Tournament will be held at Villaggio Marzotto, Jesolo -Italy. The tournament will be organized by IPCH under the auspices of World Abilitysport and in collaboration with FIPPS (Federazione Italiana Paralimpica Powerchair Sports). During the event, IPCH will offer educational opportunities for officials. This IPCH sanctio... More

Classification masterlist updated (12/23)

The Classification Masterlist is updated and can be found here. Lobbach October 2023 Including Switzerland and Germany, all the athletes classified in Lobbach will keep the OA status as the setting of the classification could not provide the chance for them to be observed in an official match. IPCH will nog longer be able to allow partial classificat... More

Anna Rossi and Meghan Hines appointed as Technical Delegates for European Championship

IPCH’s Sport Executive Committee has announced the technical delegates for the upcoming European Championship in Denmark. Anna Rossi will be assisted by Meghan Hines. Today is not the start of their job. Their work started a long time ago. The function of a Technical Delegate (TD) is a big responsibility as well as a big honor. The TD is responsible ... More