Anna Rossi and Meghan Hines appointed as Technical Delegates for European Championship

IPCH’s Sport Executive Committee has announced the technical delegates for the upcoming European Championship in Denmark. Anna Rossi will be assisted by Meghan Hines.

Today is not the start of their job. Their work started a long time ago. The function of a Technical Delegate (TD) is a big responsibility as well as a big honor. The TD is responsible for ensuring that the competition is conducted following all the rules and regulations and acts as a liaison between the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), IPCH, and World Abilitysport.

Anna Rossi has been involved since the first site inspection in Musholm and further explains the many duties of a technical delegate: “We need to make sure all the aspects are taken into proper consideration and all the requirements are met from venues, finances, volunteers, antidoping, logistics and transportation, competition needs, statistics, communication, streaming etc. Also, we function as leader of the different groups of IPCH Officials, acting as their spokesperson and making sure they can carry out their duties in a proper way.

All the aspects are agreed upon and covered in a contract which has to be signed by all three parties: IPCH, LOC, and World Abilitysport.”

Improving personal skills to further increase development

Meghan Hines is excited and honoured to have been asked to be Assistant Technical Delegate for the EC2024. She has experience in organizing various tournaments in Canada and is eager to contribute to the team. The EC2024 poses a good opportunity for her to learn more about what goes into organizing large-scale international tournaments such as the EC2024.

“This will be a great opportunity for me to bring this learning back to Team Canada to help with our involvement in future international competitions. I’m also excited to once again witness some amazing powerchair hockey in-person as teams from across Europe battle it out at the EC2024!”

Skilled LOC

IPCH feels fortunate to have partners on the LOC who have been involved in the powerchair hockey movement in various capacities for a long time. This knowledge and expertise is certainly helpful. They are aware of the challenges and opportunities such competitions can pose. As they continue to plan this competition, this will no-doubt make for a great experience for all attending.

Current situation

Anna and Meghan are working closely with the LOC on all aspects related to the organization of the tournament. So far they have worked on the outcomes of the Site Inspection and defined a shared roadmap with some milestones and steps to be progressively reached while approaching the competition dates.

Part of the planning had to wait until the result of the Qualification Tournament. After that, teams have confirmed the use of their qualification slot. Currently, teams are paying their entry fees and providing practical data needed to arrange the EC comfortably.

The next steps will be to start working on practical planning (from rooms to transportation, from clothing to recruitment and education of volunteers) and on the schedule. The job of the technical delegates doesn’t only cover the games, a lot goes on behind the curtains that requires their attention and guidance.

Drawing Ceremony

On 24 February, the drawing ceremony takes place where the division of the pools will be decided. The teams will also get an opportunity to learn more about the venue and the city of Musholm that will host delegates during this competition.

The technical delegates will be present and conduct final site inspections. This offers a chance to sit and discuss with the LOC on many aspects, in real person.