Classification masterlist updated (12/23)

The Classification Masterlist is updated and can be found here.

Lobbach October 2023

Including Switzerland and Germany, all the athletes classified in Lobbach will keep the OA status as the setting of the classification could not provide the chance for them to be observed in an official match.

IPCH will nog longer be able to allow partial classification as soon as the IPC publishes the new guidelines for classification. All future classifications will need to provide all 3 stages of evaluation.

QT 2023

Some players remain in the status R-OA as they have not been active on the international stage in the last years and still have to undergo a revision for trunk refinement or short stature refinement.

As soon as IPC publishes the new guidelines and protocol, a new manual will be developed. IPCH will then also introduce the L (lapsed) status for those athletes who do not have a C class and are not active internationally as in their case a complete reassessment might be worth of happening.