IPCH Qualification Tournament 2023 in De Rijp has three nations battle for the final ticket to the EC2024.

From November 16th to 19th, International PowerChair Hockey (IPCH) welcomes para-athletes from Belgium, Czech Republic and Slovenia in Sporthal De Oosterven, De Rijp (The Netherlands). There they will compete for the 8th and final spot in the European Championship 2024 in Denmark.

The Qualification Tournament 2023 is made possible thanks to strong collaboration with Stichting Orange & Wheels and the Dutch National Team. IPCH is excited to host this tournament in De Rijp given the past good experience having the European Championship 2016 hosted at this venue.

From a development perspective, these qualification tournaments are very important as they make it possible for nations that usually don’t participate in many international tournaments and championships to have the chance to compete against other nations with a lot at stake. These experiences are crucial for continuing development of Powerchair Hockey in each of these nations as it gives athletes the motivation to become better and better.

Each team faces their opponents twice in a round robin format on 17 and 18 November. The winner will be the team that finishes first in the final ranking. On 18 November, the Dutch Youth Team will play a team of the Qualification Tournament’s All Stars in a demo game. A great moment for all athletes involved.

IPCH encourages as many supporters as possible to attend this event. For those who cannot be present, there will be a livestream at IPCH’s YouTube channel. The game schedule can be found below.

Location: Sporthal De Oosterven, Jan Ploegerlaan 2, 1483 VR De Rijp