Anti-doping education program kicks off on 12 October

On 12 October, IPCH and World Abilitysport kick off the anti-doping education program. With online seminars, IPCH and World Abilitysport aim to educate everybody involved in powerchair hockey about clean sport.

This program is a part of World Abilitysport’s Anti-Doping Educational Plan, in accordance with the rules established by WADA- World Anti-Doping Agency and IPC- International Paralympic Committee.
Educational seminars are necessary for athletes participating in World Abilitysport competitions.

The first online seminar takes place on 12 October at 18:30 CEST on Zoom. IPCH invites athletes and support staff (coaches, medical staff, managers, and whoever else is interested) to participate.

It is mandatory for at least 1 representative per team/country to be present.


Registration is necessary via the following link.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

All attendees have to fill in to complete the following survey prior to the meeting. It is mandatory and will be checked against the list of registrants for the event.

Each seminar has a duration of around 45 minutes. Every participant receives a certificate after each seminar.

This program is extremely important, as it will help discover the best way to approach this very important subject and deliver content accessible to everyone.


Discover the important themes that will be covered:

  • Principles and values associated with clean sport
  • Athletes and Athlete Support Personnel’s rights and responsibilities
  • The principle of Strict Liability
  • Consequences of doping, for example, physical and mental health, social and economic effects, and sanctions
  • Anti-doping rule violations
  • Substances and Methods on the Prohibited List
  • Risks of supplement use
  • Therapeutic Use Exemptions and use of medications
  • Testing procedures, including urine and blood
  • The Anti-Doping Charter of Athlete Rights