Join the IPCH Jury Member Online Course!

The International Powerchair Hockey (IPCH) organization is thrilled to announce the launch of the IPCH Jury Member Online Course, in preparation for the upcoming European Championship of Powerchair Hockey.

Why Become a Jury Member?

As a jury member, you’ll hold a pivotal role in ensuring fair play and smooth conduct during matches. Unlike classifiers, referees, or referee observers, this opportunity is open to all individuals who have a deep passion for the sport and wish to witness the games from a front-row seat.

What to Expect:

Course Dates/Times: Choose a course date in 2024:

Course DateEDT
(East Canada)
CET (Central Europe)AEST
(East Australia)
Option 1: Sunday May 26th, 202414:00h20:00h04:00h (Monday)
Option 2: Sunday June 9th, 202405:00h11:00h19:00h

Sessions: Total 3 sessions:

  • 1x +/- 15min 1-on-1 interview before course date
  • 1x +/- 2 Hours Course Session
  • 1x +/- 30min Exam Session after course date

Cost: 50€

Online: Attend from the comfort of your home or anywhere with internet access!

Deadline to Register: May 20th 2024 for the first option. June 1st for the second option.

Benefits of Participation:

Gain valuable insights into the rules and protocols of international powerchair hockey.

Contribute to the fairness and integrity of the competition.

Get the best seat in the house to witness thrilling matches at the European Championship.

How to Register:

Secure your spot by registering online before the deadline. Click here to sign up now!
Please note that there is also the option to choose “I would like to apply for a course date in the future” – or to contact if you are interested but cannot make it in those dates. 

Join Us in Advancing Powerchair Hockey!

Your participation in the IPCH Jury Member Online Course will not only help nurture a new generation of dedicated jury members but also contribute to the continued growth and development of powerchair hockey both nationally and internationally.