Meet the N.1 Powerchair Hockey Scorer of all times: Anders Berenth

Hello Anders, we have some great news to share with you: you have surpassed all other athletes and are now the all-time international powerchair hockey top scorer. How does it feel to stand on top?
Even though I had a feeling that I would have surpassed Björn after the last world cup it is still pretty crazy that I have achieved this huge milestone. I always joked with my teammates that I would have to play until old age to get to the top of the list but to be there now after also winning the World Cup is just unreal. To think that a Danish player could end on top of this list. There isn’t even a Danish league, for most of the players the upcoming Flanders Cup will bring our first important games since the world cup.

You have heard about our first IPCH day coming up in a few days. What do you think about it?
The IPCH day is a great initiative, we need a much exposure to this great sport as possible. So dedicating a day to the sport is a great way for all the nations to celebrate together and show how much fun it is, all across the world. We will try to do something for the IPCH day ourselves.

You must feel some pressure as a world champion to play in the European Championship in your own country next year. How are you looking forward?
Sure, the pressure is there, but now we are the team that everyone wants to try and beat. We can’t be the underdog anymore, and with the European Championship being on home ground here in Denmark, I would say that anything less than gold would be a disappointment.
But I also look forward to trying and live up to these expectations and to hopefully show, a lot of new potential Danish players, how great this sport can be and to inspire them to come to try beating some of us older players for a spot on the national team