No Powerchair Hockey in 2024 Guttmann Games

Because not enough national teams were able to fully commit to participation, powerchair hockey will not be featured in this year’s World Abilitysport Guttmann Games.

World Abilitysport and IPCH had to make this tough call. In many ways, this is a very unfortunate situation. Being part of the Guttmann Games 2024 would have been a huge milestone for our sport, as it offers a unique chance for us to showcase our sport and promote its growth and development for the future, while also being a key step towards achieving our ultimate goal to become part of the Paralympics.

Right now World Abilitysport and IPCH are discussing the chance for powerchair hockey to be a part of the sports program for the 2025 edition of Guttmann Games.

IPCH will have a joint meeting with all powerchair hockey nations about this. The purpose of this meeting will be to understand nations’ positions on this specific opportunity but also to discuss development and the many other ways each nation can support IPCH to make sure we as a sport keep developing.

The Sport Executive Committee will shortly invite nations with some possible dates for the meeting.