4 referees from Development Group to whistle in 3 nations tournament

During the INJET 3 nations tournament scheduled in April, four referees from the development group will make their first international appearance. This is a result of their participation in the IPCH Referee Development Group (RDG).

This group is set up under the IPCH Referee Commission. It’s goal is to provide candidates for the international level support and coaching, helping them to build up their skills and obtain the international C-level license. Ilkka Siiki, former international referee, heads the group that consists of a number of mentors who work in pairs, each pair with one candidate. When mentors agree that the candidate is ready, they are appointed to an appropriate international tournament. There they are observed and, if the IPCH instructors are satisfied with their progress, they are awarded the license. RDG is not meant to replace referee courses but to exist alongside them and provide a parallel way of obtaining the C-license.

In the first round of candidates, four were selected for the INJET tournament. This serves as their practical exam – they will also have to pass a theoretical (rules) exam. IPCH wishes the candidates good luck and hopes to have four more international referees after this tournament.

Referees who aspire to become an international referee and would like to become a part of the RDG, are welcome to contact referee@powerchairhockey.org.