The IPCH Euro Stars Tournament was a very thrilling experience for all the teams involved in the competition as well as for the IPCH Officials and Staff involved. The tournament also counted for the World Ranking List, and therefore the results have been added into the IPCH calculator that is now updated and available.
As discussed the aim of the new concept of the WRL approved in the Sport Congress 2018 is based on the results of the individual games, putting more weight on newer results. Each team will get points for every game they play based on the result, the opponent and the type of tournament the games are played in. The formula for calculating the points per match is: Basepoints*WRL placement modifier*Type of match (see more explanations on the article:  “2018 World Ranking List” and on “IPCH World Ranking System“)

The WRL before the event was the following:
1 Denmark (68,68)
2 Netherlands (63,71)
3 Switzerland (62,26)
4 Germany (61,43)
5 Italy (59,69)
6 Belgium (41,78)
7 Finland (34,46)
8 Spain (22,71)
9 Canada (15,10)
10 Czech Republic (14,26)
11 Australia (8,08)
12 Slovenia (5,20)

Few Nations were very close to each other and because of this even the result of one single match could affect the WRL.
According to the results of the matches and the type of competition the result is now the following.

1 Germany 72.03
2 Denmark 68.68
3 Italy 68.59
4 Switzerland 67.46
5 Netherlands 63.71
6 Belgium 41.78
7 Finland 40.56
8 Spain 22.71
9 Canada 15.10
10 Czech Republic 14.26
11 Australia 8.08
12 Slovenia 5.20