A look back at the second IPCH Day

April 7th, we already celebrated our second IPCH day. The idea that was brought up in 2021 by the late Paul Desaulniers, has now become an annual collective celebration of our beloved sport. This year’s theme was appreciation. Because powerchair hockey is more than just a sport, it’s a community filled with amazing people.

We asked our social media followers to share their favorite memories with volunteers and highlight a standout volunteer. They could also thank someone in particular who they met because of the sport. Furthermore, we shed a light on everybody who is involved on making the competition possible: the officials, jury, classifiers, referee observers, and our incredible volunteers!


There was also some nice news to share about the past year’s contribution of the nations to the development of our sport. Here are some incredible initiatives from around the globe:

  • Czech Republic: Inspiring young athletes with children’s games in their league, fostering a love for the sport from an early age.
  • Australia: Empowering players with development weekends, providing opportunities for skill enhancement and community building.
  • Denmark: Fostering growth and inclusion with new team development initiatives, welcoming aspiring players into the powerchair hockey family.
  • Italy: Building camaraderie with international training weekends, promoting collaboration and skill-sharing among players worldwide.
  • Netherlands: Cultivating talent with promising youth teams, guiding players towards the national base team and nurturing future stars.
  • Spain: Nurturing the next generation of powerchair hockey stars with a powerchair hockey school for youngsters every Sunday, providing a platform for skill development and passion cultivation.
  • Belgium: Breaking barriers by introducing powerchair sports to new communities, fostering inclusivity and expanding the reach of the sport to all corners.

Thank you

Last but certainly not least, IPCH thanked World Abilitysport for their support and unwavering belief in the potential of powerchair hockey.

This second IPCH Day was a great success! Be sure to mark next year in your calendar. Which theme should we have next?