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IPCH supports referee course at Australia’s Club Championship

From 19 to 21 January, the Australian Powerchair Hockey Association – NSW (APCHA) hosts its first Club Championship since COVID-19. This big event welcomes five teams from the east, south and west of Australia. Thursday the 18th, IPCH officials Inge de Zwart and Kimmo Virtanen will be supporting a referee course. Kieran Watts, Vice President of APCHA, ... More

Powerchair Hockey to feature in first World Abilitysport Guttmann Games

World Abilitysport has just announced its first ever Guttmann Games! This event will be held from 10-14 July 2024, hosting a competition programme of para dance sport and powerchair hockey. The venue is located in the birthplace of the Paralympic Movement, Stoke Mandeville, Great Britain. The Games are aimed specifically at sports and events not on the ... More

Anti-doping education program kicks off on 12 October

On 12 October, IPCH and World Abilitysport kick off the anti-doping education program. With online seminars, IPCH and World Abilitysport aim to educate everybody involved in powerchair hockey about clean sport. This program is a part of World Abilitysport’s Anti-Doping Educational Plan, in accordance with the rules established by WADA- World Anti-Do... More

Bid to become the host nation for the 2026 IPCH World Championship

Now that IPCH has announced the QT2023 and has assigned the EC2024 to Denmark, it’s time to start planning the next major international competition. As of now, IPCH officially opens the application for bidding on becoming the host nation for the 2026 IPCH World Championship. Interested Nations are invited to send us a Letter of intent by the 30th of ... More

2023 Qualification Tournament takes place in De Rijp (Netherlands)

IPCH is happy to announce that the 2023 - Qualification Tournament for the European Championship will be organized in De Rijp (The Netherlands) from 16 to 19 November 2023. As announced by the Sport Executive Committee prior to the European Championship 2024 (EC 2024), there should, according to the rules, be a qualification tournament (QT) to determine ... More

Denmark appointed as hosting nation for the IPCH European Championship 2024

IPCH is happy to announce that the hosting nation for the IPCH European Championship 2024 has finally been selected. Denmark will host the competition in Musholm: a unique holiday, sports, and conference centre in the middle of Denmark. Located by the Danish coastline, just an hour's drive from Copenhagen, Musholm is designed as one of the world’s most ... More

IPCH bids to organise Qualification Tournament 2023

Prior to the European Championship 2024 (EC 2024), there should be a qualification tournament (QT) to determine which of the European nations that are not automatically qualified for the EC 2024, will get the 8th slot. At this stage, no nation has put a bid to host this qualification tournament, which ideally should take place between September and ... More

Classification masterlist updated (09/22)

At the past IPCH World Championship in Sursee, the Classifiers have succesfully classified 49 athletes. As a result, the classification masterlist has been updated and can be found here. More

Denmark wins the IPCH World Championship 2022 in Sursee

Denmark has won the IWAS Powerchair Hockey World Championship 2022 in Sursee (Switzerland), that took place from 9 to 14 August. They beat The Netherlands in a very exciting final by golden goal. It's the first golden title for the Danes. Switzerland claimed the bronze against Finland, also by golden goal. We would like to take a look back at this memorable ... More

Game schedule announced for the IPCH World Championship 2022 in Sursee

IPCH is proud to announce the game schedule for the IPCH World Championship 2022, that will take place in a little over a month from now. The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) welcomes 10 nations to Sursee in Switzerland, a first ever! As a result, the game schedule is a little more busy than usual. This means more exciting games to play and watch! Don't ... More