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The success of the one-on-one meetings

At the Sports Congress back in November 2022, we announced to the nations that we intended to invite every single powerchair hockey nation to a one-on-one meeting with us, IPCH. There were multiple reasons why we wanted to have those meetings. First of all, we wanted to be more visible and available for the nations simply because we rarely meet outside ... More

APRIL 7th: The International Powerchair Hockey Day

A day to celebrate our passion for Powerchair Hockey! It was March 2021 when Paul Desaulniers from Canada sent an email to the Sport Executive Committee of the International Powerchair Hockey Committee simply asking: why don't we designate a day to celebrate and show the world how beautiful, strong, powerful, dynamic Powerchair Hockey and all the people ... More


During the last months, the IPCH Sport Executive Committee has several times discussed the opportunity to move the IPCH Sports Congress that normally happens right after the big competitions. This topic was also raised a few times in the meetings with the LOC and with some National representatives. We know that having the Sport Congress right after a ... More

Groups for the ipch world championship 2022!

On 5th March in Nottwil, Switzerland, the drawing ceremony for the IPCH World Championship 2022 took place. The ceremony was conducted by the Local Organizing Committee and overlooked by two IPCH representatives: Fabio Rodo, IPCH Chairperson, and Anna Rossi, Technical, Classification and Competition Officier and appointed  Technical Delegate of the ... More

IPCH World Championship drawings ceremony – 5th March 2022 in Nottwill

The IPCH World Championship is approaching fast, after such a long period of inactivity we are all very eager to see some action on the international level again. In the meantime, preparations continue for both organizers and teams who are willing to be as ready as possible for the big competition Switzerland will host the next August for the first time. ... More

Finnish Powerchair Hockey players showcasing their skills in the men’s World Floorball Championships

Finnish Powerchair Hockey national team got an opportunity to showcase the sport and their individual skills during the final day of the men’s World Floorball Championships played in the Hartwall Arena, Helsinki. The powerchair hockey exhibition match between the Finnish national team players was played on Saturday 11th of December during the first break ... More

IPCH announces the Bever Dutch Nations Cup 2022

IPCH is happy to announce the IPCH Bever Dutch Nations Cup 2022. will be held in Eindhoven from 27th to 30th May 2022. This official IPCH event will be organized under the aegis of the IWAS and the IPCH by the foundation Orange & Wheels and TeamNL Powerchairhockey The IWAS Powerchair Hockey Bever Dutch Cup is an IPCH Official Competition valid for ... More

Global Development Network a new SEC initiative

For quite some time, the IPCH Development Committee has been hard at work on a brand new initiative. We are now ready and excited to introduce to you the Global Development Network. The overall objective of the Global Development Network is to create a formalized network inclusive of all the Powerchair Hockey nations around the world. The group’s ... More

Technical Delegates for WC2022 appointed

Little over 1 year to go for the IWAS Powerchair Hockey World Championship 2022! It is good to see some countries have resumed training and competition after such a long stop, we all cannot wait to go back to live the amazing feelings and the goosebumps of the thrilling matches! The organizing committee from Switzerland is working hard to make WC2022 the ... More

Canada and USA 1 goal 2 countries

During the last six months there has been several meetings between the IPCH and representatives from both Canada and USA respectively. In the beginning the aim basically was to reconnect and to get an impression of the current state of Powerchair Hockey in the two nations. “After our first meeting with IPCH we felt like we were on the right track and ... More